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The Wait: Book Signing with Meagan Good and DeVon Franklin

DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good-Franklin Photo by: Thai Lee

Have you ever wondered how to pursue the love of your life and the life you love without compromising your morals and faith?

Hollywood power couple DeVon Franklin and Meagan Good-Franklin was able to pursue both all while keeping God first. In their new book, The Wait, they share their charmingly candid courtship, relationship, and marriage, and the key to their success—waiting. The Wait is more than just a how to guide on abstaining from sex. The couple discusses different levels of intimacy that can be explored while determining if this is the relationship for you without comprising your body or your relationship with God.

Since its February 2nd inception, the Franklin’s have been traveling across the country, promoting their book. On February 29th, they made a stop in Los Angeles for a book signing hosted by the Emerging Leaders Committee.

Prior to the book signing, the Franklins did a Q&A with the audience. During this time, they were completely transparent. They shared their short comings while dating and their growth as one.

A member of the audience asked, how does Meagan and DeVon keep God in the center of their marriage, Meagan replied, “ The biggest thing for both of us is, nothing else in the world matters more than following God, loving Him the most and living up to the fullest potential of why He created us for our purpose. We pray together, we observe the Sabbath together, we read lots of books together…”

DeVon then added, “Part of the way we keep God in our marriage is to continue to support each other in our purpose. It is important to give continuous support. The same way God supports us in our endeavors, we must support each other in one another’s endeavors.”

He also added that the purpose of waiting is to avoid the cycle of pain and getting rewarded.

“When you don’t wait, you end up in a cycle of pain. So, the wait is like saying, ‘I am going to get healed, I am going to get cleared, I am going to take my power back and I am going to do it God’s way. I am going to trust that if I do it God’s way, as difficult as it is, that ultimately it is the most rewarding way to do it,’” DeVon continued, “We would not be here, telling you that it is rewarding if it really hasn’t been a true reward for the sacrifice we both had to make.”

The Q&A then ended with a challenge from DeVon to the audience that if they are not already waiting, to try God at his worth.

"Thee Wait" book signing by Thai Lee

“Open yourself up to the blessing God is going to bring. I challenge you that if you are not waiting, try God at his worth. If you profess to believe in Him, if you say that you are living a life of Christ, but you are not waiting, I want to challenge you right now. Do you have enough faith to honor Him when you go home? Do you have enough faith to honor Him when it gets hot and heavy? Will you say, ‘No, I want Him and His purpose more than I want to compromise this moment’? I promise you, when you wait on God; you are going to see things like you have never seen before,” He ended with, “People want to know, ‘how are we as successful as we are?’ It is because in waiting, He has allowed us to get on His wings and fly higher than anybody could have ever thought we could. It all came because we chose to put discipline in this area and to present our bodies as a living sacrifice. So, my challenge for you is, try it. I do promise you, if you do, you will see Him bless you like never before.”

Are you up for the Franklin’s challenge? Are you willing to abstain from sex until marriage? Will you put in the work for your faith? If you are considering marriage and seeking to discover the greatness life has to offer, then The Wait is the book for you. With their timeless message of love, faith, friendship and monogamy; they are proving that God's institution is still alive and well.

To stay connected with The Wait, use the hashtag #TheWAITBook and go to For more information on Emerging Leaders Committee, visit them at As for the Franklin’s, be sure to follow them on social media at @meagangood and @devonfranklin and be on the lookout for the new faith-based film, ‘Miracles from Heaven’ produced by DeVon Franklin, in theaters March 18th.

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