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UniverSOOOOUUUUL Circus!!

The Porcelain Dolls giving a stellar performance Photo by: Thai Lee

They have been in the game for 23 years, currently performing two tours at one time, and here are some numbers worth sharing; over 20 million people have seen them, and they have performed more than 10,000 shows. Who are they? None other than the UniverSOUL Circus.

The UniverSOUL Circus ‘Tour de Force of Circus Artistry’ made their grand debut on March 23rd at the Stub Hub Center in Carson, Ca. The opening night was an unforgettable moment for all ages to enjoy.

The performances bridged cultures from across the globe with electrifying acts under one big top. The array of talent spanned from across the world to include China, South Africa, Cuba, Trinidad and Tobago, and of course The United States just to name a few.

The talent did not stop there. Many celebrity guests walked the red carpet to an evening that promised high energy, family fun and excitement.

Actress, Dawn Lewis shared what she looked forward to seeing during the show.

“I am expecting to see a chocolate covered enthusiastic ring-master. We are going to see some of the things we would not expect to see. We are going to see animal acts, high flying acts, fun things and even things I have never seen before. Being that it has been a while since the circus has been in town; no doubt they have some new things we would not expect to see. I am just so excited, I use to go every year and I am just glad the circus is back,” she said.

Television Host, Kiki Shepard said, “I am expecting to see lots of magic, there is always magic. I want to see a lot of beautiful, fantastic and gifted people. Oh, and animals: lions, tigers and bears, oh my.”

As for actor and funny guy, Kel Mitchell, he jokingly said he wanted to see animals singing the Temptations and monkeys doing Michael Jackson.

“I thought some animals were going to be singing The Temptations. I mean, if it is SOUL, they need to be up in there, and the monkeys doing Michael Jackson moves, I don’t know.”

The ladies of, "Caribbean Dynasty" strutting the red carpet Photo by Thai Lee

From the high energy opening act, ‘Caribbean Dynasty’ dancing with fire; the death defying men of, ‘Wheel of Death’; nail biting motorcycle acts, breath taking contortionist, heart stopping free-flying aerial acts, music and dance, every aspect of the circus was literally, jaw dropping and filled with nonstop energy. UniverSOUL Circus Ringmaster Tony Tone kept the audience laughing, entertained and on their feet.

If you are ready to attend an unforgettable circus, with a lasting legacy be sure to get your tickets now. The show will run through April 17, 2016. To purchase tickets go to or purchase online at You can also visit for more info, show times, and schedules.

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