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Growing Up in a Black Church = @NotKarltonBanks

Updated: Mar 14, 2019

Karlton Humes (@NotKarltonBanks)

If you regularly attend a black church, you should know that it brings you good spirit, the Holy Ghost, annoyance and most of all humor. If you grew up in the black church, then to follow internet sensation, Karlton Humes (@NotKarltonBanks) should be second nature.

Karlton Humes, 23, has a following of more than 380,000 fans who look forward to his various characters, including fan favorite and finger saluting, LeeLee.

The Hayti, Missouri native and University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff student has accomplished making us all laugh based off his own Church of God in Christ experiences.

Humes took the time to share what inspired him to start creating his funny skits that we have all come to know and love.

"Growing up as a 'church kid', we would have family gatherings and people already knew what my brother and I were capable of, which was mocking people at church. I kind of just kept that going and when I went to school, I was like, 'well let me put these on video and record them.' Then I titled them, 'This is How it Be at Church When...'. At first, I did not have a large amount of following, then next thing I know, people started to re-post my videos, then more people started to re-post and more," said Humes.

With constant re-posts and re-tweets, comes popularity. Karlton who won the 'Comedian of the Year' at this year's Steeples Awards, humbly admitted that popularity was the last thing on his mind.

"I did not expect to become so popular. I was not planning on it. I did not think anything about it. It was just me being myself and posting videos."

He then shared how he came up with his characters and the burning question, "Where did he get his wigs?".

"Those characters were based off my home church, but I renamed them," he said jokingly. He continued, "I think I have about five or six major characters. I actually do not have names for all of them yet, but LeeLee is one, Sister Squint, First Lady and Pastor, those are the ones that people know."

"As for the wigs, I got them from the UAPB Golden Girls (dance team). They would bring them to my dorm and have me try them on like, 'friend, I have a new wig for you to try on'. The First Lady's wig, I got from a friend of mine at school. Over Christmas break, my friend grabbed his grandma's wig for me to use," Humes said laughing.

Every online comedian has something special to offer, but Karlton describes his comedic style as, "different and unusual."

"My style is different and unusual. I never talk in my videos and many other people that have the same amount of followers, they talk in their videos to make people laugh. My style is unusual because I don't say anything, all you hear is music. It is like a non-talking musical."

Fans near and far love him and a couple of his fans willingly shared their love for Karlton Humes and his comedic style.

Fan, James Ferris (@ferrisxwheel) said, "I like him because he is so realistic. Everything he posts is so relatable. He is not trying to be like anyone else, he is being himself. I have been a fan of his for three years now."

Another fan, Kenya (@kenya_0.0) called his page, "family friendly" and "awesome."

"Finally, a page that is family friendly! The characters are hilarious and describes church members so well. I so love his page. He brought back memories of the 'sunshine choir' that I used to be in. Everything about his page is awesome. I pray that he goes far in life," she said.

Currently, Karlton is in high demand to host and appear at several events from now through July. He will be hosting an event called 'Jam 4 Jesus' which will be taking place in Cedar Hill, TX on April 17th. The event will be an open mic night for singers, rappers, poets and more. For more information regarding the event be sure to check out the flyer below.

In the next five years, Karlton hopes to expand his brand and to someday be on commercials, movies, award shows and to even be featured in gospel music videos. At this rate, he will accomplish his goals and then some! To stay updated with Karlton Humes be sure to follow him on social media.

Instagram: @NotKarltonBanks

Snapchat: @NotKarltonBanks

JAM 4 JESUS Hosted by @Notkarltonbanks

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