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Mann & Wife Brings Love, Laughter and a Season Two

Bounce TV Original Comedy Series, Mann & Wife

After the success of season one, the hit show, MANN & WIFE is back for a second season filled with non-stop entertainment for the entire family to enjoy.

MANN & WIFE is a Bounce TV original comedy series produced by Roger Bobb, David and Tamela Mann. The show stars the real-life couple, David and Tamela Mann as the recently married Daniel and Toni. Together with their four children, the Manns muddle through the tricky and often hilarious situations that arise when separate families are blended together and have to learn to navigate a new life under one roof. MANN & WIFE co-stars JoMarie Payton, Tony Rock and Vivica A. Fox.

With the show being aired on the fastest-growing African-American network on television, it was bound to be successful and the significance of this show being on a network that is primarily for Black entertainment, means a lot to the cast.

“I find it important that it is on Bounce TV, which is TV our way. It is important for our people to know that we have the ability to compete with any network out there, on any level. What we provide is quality work, actors, writers, producers, sponsors and everything else. I think it is important for our people to know and to find out we are here. There are still quite a few people, not a whole lot that don’t know we are here,” said Payton. She continued, “It is important that when they do find us, they will find something they can be proud of, entertained by, learn from and beat their chest and say, ‘YES!’ Even if they find this network by accident, it should be something they should say ‘Wow, I did not know this was here,’ and then lock into it. That is what Bounce TV mean to me, said Payton.

“We are trying to show the spirit of excellence,” said Tamela in agreemant with Payton.

“Yes. I say the spirit of excellence is what we are trying to show with this network. We are showing that we can have excellence like anyone else. I am not saying no one else is giving that or cannot give that, it is just what we are trying to represent here.”

Not only was their love for Bounce TV expressed, so was their love for each other.

“Our 12 hour days on set are not boring at all. There is always something happening and there is a lot of love on set. From the kids to the adults, it is really a blessing. Even for the guests that come on the show, they say they feel the love on set with us. We are surrounded by great people, in an environment where we can all grow together and let our gifts and talents shine,” said Tamela

On April 17, an all-new-episode of MANN & WIFE titled, 'Funny Mann' will air and shaking things up will be guest star, Cocoa Brown. On this episode, viewers will see Daniel and Michael (Tony Rock) go undercover in a comedy club to catch a criminal all while Toni runs for the school board and goes against a mean rival (CoCoa Brown).

With season two in full effect, David Mann said viewers should “expect the unexpected.”

“With this show, and with characters like Mama Mann (JoMarie Payton), Daniel, Toni (Tamela Mann) and Michael (Tony Rock), expect the unexpected. We want to take people on a journey, a roller-coaster ride. You are being entertained and educated all at the same time. We want to show families that there are ways to solve certain issues that come up in a blended family. Quite honestly, blended families are not talked about a lot. We just wanted to bring light to something that does not get talked about and have a show that shows people this is how we get through certain situations,” said David.

If you want to feel the love and laugh non-stop, be sure to tune into the all new Season 2 episodes of MANN & WIFE on Bounce TV on Tuesdays at 9pm ET/ 8pm CT. Also, follow Bounce TV on Twitter and Instagram at @bouncetv and use the hashtag #MannAndWife to join the conversation.

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