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'ROSEWOOD' Season 2: The Countdown is Over

ROSEWOOD airs on FOX at 8/7c

Today is the first official day of Autumn, which means, pumpkin spice lattes and being curled up on your couch. That is not the only "season" that started today. The second season premiere of 'ROSEWOOD' airs tonight on FOX at 8/7c. So be sure to grab your blanket and popcorn, hop on the couch and get ready for new cases, new faces, with the same old Rosie.

If you have been living under a rock, here is a quick synopsis.

'ROSEWOOD' is an American police procedural television series from executive producer Todd Harthan. The show stars Morris Chestnut as Dr. Beaumont Rosewood Jr. (Rosie), a top private pathologist in Miami, Florida who has a knack for finding secrets in bodies that others usually miss. Rosie works alongside tough-as-nails detective, Annalise Villa played by Jaina Lee Ortiz. Together, they uncover clues that no one else sees and help the Miami PD solve its most challenging cases.

This season, Rosie and Villa go to New York City to solve the murder of her husband, Eddie, and will take on cases involving college fraternities, plastic surgery, treasure-hunting, and Santeria.

Rosie and Villa not only act on cases but, they also act on their feelings...for each other. Tensions were at an all-time high last season. This season, that flame may die out because playing a reoccurring role as Tawnya in 'ROSEWOOD' season two is Destiny’s Child singer-turned-actress, LeToya Luckett as Rosie's new love interest.

Chestnut shared with THAheadline that he is, "excited about her addition (to the show)."

"I really enjoy LeToya. I think she’s a really good person, and she’s a really good actress. I’m really excited for everyone to see because I know everyone knows her from Destiny’s Child and they know that she can really sing. She is actually a very talented artist, and I can’t wait for people to see her act. She has such a refreshing presence when you look at her onscreen. I’m really excited about her addition," said Chestnut.

Miami's hottest detective duo (Courtesy of FOX)

How would that play out knowing that Villa is Rosie's original love interest? Is it humanly possible for Rosie to cut off that strong connection with Villa to fall for Tawnya?

The only person who knows the answer to those questions is executive producer, Todd Harthan.

Harthan reminded THAheadline that Rosie and Villa need to, "build back their friendship before there's any idea of a romantic relationship."

"I think what the audience will find at the beginning of this season is that these two characters, Rosie and Villa, have to build back their friendship before there’s any idea of a romantic relationship. It’s more about them getting back to a place where they have a healthy friendship, and for both of these characters, they’re going to go their separate ways in their personal lives and keep it professional for a good chunk of this season," said Harthan.

Harthan also added, "While they’re in that phase of this partnership, they’ll both have different love interests, and they will each be supportive and respectful of those love interests without jealousy or childishness. They’re very mature about it in this season as they both do some work on themselves and on their partnership. It’s just a little bit more complicated and a little messier this season. During that period, there are going to be characters like Tawnya who enter Rosewood’s life and stay for a good chunk of time."

This season, viewers can expect to see a deeper layer to Rosie and Villa's lives and all of the the character's lives. Harthan describes the evolution of season two as, "a little bit more visceral" all while having a good time and keeping viewers laughing.

Get ready to turn up some heat because the countdown is over. The all-new “Forward Motion & Frat Life” season premiere episode of 'ROSEWOOD' airs tonight, September 22 at 8:00 p.m./7:00 p.m. Central on FOX.

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