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THE EXORCIST: One Room. One Weekend. Can You Escape?

Outside of the Escape Hotel (pictured by Keith McCalebb)

On the corner of Cherokee and Hollywood Blvd is the trendy new Hollywood Escape Hotel, which isn't a hotel at all. No room service or bellhops to carry your luggage. But, you will have a room...a spine-chilling, scary room. A room that you will be locked in until you can unlock its secrets and set yourself free. Every room you enter is an adventure of a different theme.

Hollywood Escape Hotel is the world's largest live entertainment venue for escape rooms. An escape room is a physical adventure game in which players are locked in a room and have to use elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and escape within a set time limit.

In light of the premiere of THE EXORCIST, FOX partnered with Escape Hotel Hollywood to present THE EXORCIST Escape Room Experience, inspired by the iconic film and starring Academy Award winners Geena Davis, Ben Daniels, and Alfonso Herrara.

Zombie Bellhop (Pictured by Keith McCalebb)

THAheadline had the opportunity to attend the premiere event for The Exorcist escape room at Escape Hotel. The night started out with a "devilish" cocktail party which was attended by several cast members from the show. Employees dressed to perfection in zombie like bell hop costumes, the lobby was decorated in theme, and included a photo booth. From there, THAheadline team, along with a group of others were called off to have a first look into THE EXORCIST Escape Room.

In the “Exorcist Experience,” up to 20 guests at a time will be able to go through the chilling, physical adventure. Upon entering, guests watched a video hosted by Alan Ruck and Geena Davis, warning you to be extremely careful, or you might find yourself locked in the room with Satan’s soldiers forever. At the end of the video, a clock appears, you and the other guests are left with 45 minutes to make your way through a makeshift church complete with pews, stained glass and a pulpit, all of which contain clues that helps you into other areas of the chamber. Be careful, there are a couple of priests who are questionable to trust and only one may lead the way, and a possessed girl who will try to deter you from finding salvation.

Although listed with a difficulty level of, "unrated", THAheadline and other guests were able to escape in time!

THE EXORCIST Escape Room Experience kicked off on Friday, Sept. 23 and wraps on Sunday, Sept. 25. The hours of operation is 12 noon to midnight all weekend long. So, there is still time to find out if THE EXORCIST will scare the devil out of you!

THE EXORCIST TV series premiered on FOX September 23 and chapter two will air September 30 at 8/7c. If you missed, episode one, you can find it on ON DEMAND or online. Follow the series on Twitter @TheExorcistFOX and join the discussion using #TheExorcist.

You can also check out Escape Hotel on Facebook or at their website for more info.

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