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'ROSEWOOD' Set Visit

This week, THAheadline had the opportunity to visit the set and cast of, 'Rosewood'. During our set visit, we learned a few exciting things about season two that we are excited to share. Check out the interviews below.

Be sure to tune into 'Rosewood' every Thursday at 8/7c on FOX. You can "like" ROSEWOOD on Facebook at Also, follow the series on Twitter @RosewoodFOX and join the discussion using #Rosewood.

Fore more on Rosewood, read our previous story.

Morris Chestnut Talks Rosewood Season 2

Jaina Lee Ortiz and Anna Konkle Talks Rosewood

Eddie Cibrian and Lorraine Toussaint Talks Rosewood Season 2

LeToya Luckett Talks Rosewood Season 2

Gabrielle Dennis and Domenick Lombardozzi Talk Rosewood Season 2

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