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Faces That Helped Breathe Life into 'PASSENGERS'

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence (Courtsey of PASSENGERS)

What makes a movie great?

Is it the actors? Great characters? Is it the awesome storyline? Could it be the cool soundtrack? Well, the answer is -- yes. Yes to all of the above. All of these elements are important in making a great film, but there are other elements we rarely think about that brings a film to life.

Guy Hendrix Dyas (Inception, Steve Jobs, Superman Returns) and Maryann Brandon (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Kung Fu Panda 2, How to Train Your Dragon) are two names in the industry known to help create masterpieces. The latest masterpiece they helped to create, 'PASSENGERS', starring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

They spoke with THAheadline about the immense pressures and joys in working on the Sc-Fi Drama set to release at the end of the month.

Dyas is professionally known as a Production Designer. He is responsible for the visual concept of a film. He identifies the design style for sets, locations, graphics, props, lighting, camera angles and costumes while working closely with the director and producer.

Guy Kendrix Dyas (Photo by: Thai Lee)

Dyas said the process of putting the visuals together, "was really fast track."

"It was really fast track. Sony was extraordinary and was on board this thing (the film) immediately. We had ten weeks to basically put a design together from the initial sketches in my sketch book, to more finished illustrations that then go to the models and set designs. Then after those ten weeks, we got the green light and headed up to Atlanta to the Pinewood Studios and we started building the set right away. Then, we had ten more weeks to get the sets ready for the arrival of our characters." He continued, "It was such a fast turn around that not all of the sets were ready at the same time. While Jen and Chris were shooting on certain sets, we would be on other stages trying to finish them up because they were coming there in the next two days."

You can check out some of Dyas' work below.

Maryann Brandon (Photo By: Thai Lee)

As for Maryann Brandon, she wears many hats. Brandon has experience working as an editor, director, producer in film, animation, and television. For the film 'PASSENGERS', she worked tirelessly as editor. As the film editor, it was her duty to spend hours looking through footage, removing the unneeded and fit pieces of the film together, all while working quickly to meet the filmmaker's deadlines.

Three weeks after working on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Brandon was given the script for 'PASSENGERS'. After contemplating taking a three-month break she decided to work on the film because of how much she loved the script.

"What attracted me the most to the film is the amazing script, the amazing cast and the director, Morten Tyldum. This film is a love story, a human story, a sci-fi story, and a moral story. I couldn't turn it down."

'PASSENGERS' will hit theaters everywhere December 21, 2016. Stay tuned for a review.

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