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'The Game of Dating' is a GAME CHANGER

(Photo Courtesy Credit: TV One/Tony Rock)

Do you enjoy people watching? Not in a creepy way but in a casual setting, you look to your right and see a couple on a date and think to yourself, "They are a cute together. They look like they've just started dating. Look at how affectionate they are."

If you said yes, then you are going to love the new game show, 'The Game of Dating.'

TV One redefines the dating and game show genres this January with the debut of 'The Game of Dating'. Hosted by popular comedian Tony Rock, the network’s prime-time game show will offer viewers provocative, sexy and hysterical new takes on classic dating show scenarios. The one-hour series premieres on Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2017 at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT.

“'The Game of Dating' is a hilarious, jam-packed series filled with comedy, huge reveals and

excellent play along,” said Brad Siegel, President of TV One. “With expert comic timing, Tony

Rock entertainingly navigates the audience and our contestants through two dates – each one

as unpredictable and funny as the last. It’s the only game show where dating pays off!”

Tony Rock said he got involved with the show because "The TV One family realized that my comedic abilities played perfectly to this. I think I am one of the quickest comics in just making a joke up right there on the spot. To watch a date and have no idea what is going to happen, be said or done and to make it be funny right there on the spot tested my skill set and was another thing that made it really enjoyable for me to do every day."

'The Game of Dating' begins each hour-long episode with three teams of friends and/or family

who watch real dates in a “hidden camera” style from the comfort of their homes. Throughout

the show, the teams, as well as Rock, will offer their funny and uncensored commentary. The

couples could be on an awkward first date, enjoying a new relationship, or they could be an

existing couple with history just trying to keep the magic going. The competing teams watch the

dates and do their best to figure out the daters’ stories and next moves in order to score cash.

As the two different dates progress, the teams – who are as diverse as the daters, including

sorority sisters, bakers, barbers, hair stylists, multi-generational families, comedians, basketball

moms and even a group of seniors - will participate in gameplay with multiple questions about

the dates like: “How long has this couple been dating?”; “Who will pay the check?”; or “Will she

ask him up to her apartment when he drops her off after a dinner date?” Each correct answer

earns the teams increasing amounts of cash and the team with the most money at the end of

the episode wins the $10,000 grand prize.

With Tony Rock being on the market, we had the opportunity to ask Rock, "Would he ever consider being on a dating show, similar to 'The Game of Dating'"?

"Well, to answer your question, I thought being on the show would be a great idea to have me go on a date. But then, I wouldn't be able to sit back and play the game with the watchers and not know what is going to happen next. So, if we could figure out a way for me to go on a date and still play the game with the watchers, I would be willing to do it," said Rock.

TV One's Executive Producer Frank Sinton chimed in jokingly and said, "We had a lot of watchers who wanted to go on a date with Tony. I will tell you that. There was a lot of flirting going on."

Tony then laughed and said in response, "I would probably have my little sister host that episode because she hates everyone I date."

'The Game of Dating’s' first season debuts with nine episodes premiering every Tuesday at 8

p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT. For more information about 'The Game of Dating', visit TV One's companion website at TV One viewers can can also join the conversation by connecting via social media on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook (@tvonetv) using the hashtag, #GameofDating.

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