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THAheadline Highlights: Soul-Singer Cindy Rainne

Singer, Cindy Rainne

THAheadline Highlights...

Singer-songwriter, pianist, and entertainer Cindy Rainne releases her debut single and music video for her featured track “Irresistible Me” today.

The visual, directed by David Braff of Eleven203 Productions, surrounds the theme of self-love for women in their journey towards self-empowerment. The lyrics are a reflection of Cindy’s process of growing from external validation from men to her decision to focus inward and to love herself for all that she is (her personality, beauty, skillset, talents, and quirks). She struggled at a point in her life, wondering why attractive men saw her best qualities as flaws. Then, Cindy realized that she was enough and always had all of the power within herself to thrive. Cindy Rainne wrote “Irresistible Me” to empower herself and women everywhere to challenge self-doubt and fear, accept self-worth, and to live authentically.

Influenced heavily by her strong Trinidadian heritage, Cindy Rainne grew up in Brooklyn, NY hearing soca, reggae, parang, R&B, and more. Cindy has been a songbird since her childhood when no one could get her to stop singing. Early on, she learned Acapella harmonies from her Caribbean-inspired Spiritual Baptist Church and used singing and performing to combat being bullied while growing up. Music always gave Cindy the pride and confidence that she needed to transcend any challenges in her life. As Cindy has developed as a musician, she has sung in and directed numerous choirs, performed in jazz festivals and musical theater productions, and wrote countless beautiful songs.

Cindy Rainne studied classical voice and piano at North Carolina Central University and received her Master of Arts in Teaching in Music Education from UNC-Chapel Hill. After being diagnosed with vocal nodules, polyps, and a vocal fold hemorrhage from teaching music, Cindy relocated back to Brooklyn, NY to pursue music full time. Since then, Cindy has been developing her unique sound and writing style, rebuilding her voice. Cindy successfully recovered her voice fully without surgery through speech therapy and by studying a method called Somatic Voicework. In 2015, Cindy Rainne raised over $20K on Kickstarter to fly to England and record her debut EP, Unmasked, which will be released this year.

To create this majestic track, Cindy flew to the UK to work with her dream producer, Blair MacKichan; drummer, Hugo Degenhardt; bassist, Edward Blakeley; guitarist, Jim Board, and vocal arranger, Alicia Olatuja.

Together, the team collaborated to produce a soulful fusion of songs for her upcoming debut EP, UnMasked. This project explores and promotes self-love and self-expression, while sonically incorporating a mix of soulful melodies, jazzy chord progressions, Caribbean rhythms that get your hips moving, reggae bass lines, gospel riffs and even some classical piano.

As such, Cindy Rainne dubs her musical style as “Clearwater Soul”. The upcoming EP, Unmasked, is a rallying call for a new era for Cindy as an authentic woman and an assured artist. Up next, she plans to tour nationally & internationally, collaborate with other artists, and promote a lifestyle of self-care.

“Whenever I open my mouth to sing “Irresistible Me”, THIS is what I’m really saying: I FINALLY believe it with every fiber of my being," said Rainne.

To stay in THA know with Cindy Rainne, you can visit her website, and follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter (@cindyrainne).

Check out Cindy Rainne's women empowering single, "Irresistible Me" below. After listening, be sure to get a digital copy of Cindy Rainne's single, "Irresistible Me" for just $0.99.

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