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'The Comedy Underground Series' Unlocked!

Red Grant and MC Lyte at the Alex Theater in Glendale, CA for The Comedy Underground Series Season 2 Taping (Captured by D. of THAheadline)

Comedy is a universal cure for what ails us, and the power of laughter can touch, relieve and help us transcend any ethnic or gender barriers at home and around the world. 'The Comedy Underground Series' looks to introduce fresh new faces and re-introduce seasoned veterans. The series is shot with segments featuring a docu-style format so that we can hear first hand about a comic’s journey on the road to stardom. The Comedy Underground aims to emerge as a funny and thought-provoking stand-up comedy show with a twist of "real life."

Produced by Silver Lining Entertainment (SLE), Season 2 of 'The Comedy Underground Series' was filmed live at Alex Theatre in Glendale, CA on Monday, June 26, 2017. Comedic, Red Grant returns as host of the evening featuring DJ MC Lyte. The line-up of comedians included some of the world’s hottest comedic talents such as Guy Torry, Brooklyn Jones, Rip Micheals, Tony Roberts, Pretty Ricki, Cocoa Brown, Zooman Miller, and Ocean Glapion.

The evening was filled with lots of laughs and good vibes on and off the red carpet.

Angela White, SLE President, the Creator and Executive Producer of the series said she created the show to give back to what got her started in the industry.

"I started this five years ago, and my introduction to the entertainment industry was through comedy. I was doing comedy back in the year 1995 in the city of New Jersey, and I started working at different places such as Def Jam and others. So, when I came out here and became a film producer, I told myself that I wanted to give back and pay homage to what started me in the business. I love bringing in new comedians, and I love bringing in people who like to laugh. People like to have a good time, and that is the one thing that can heal all wounds."

Red Grant & Daughter with The Comedy Underground Series Creator Angela White at the Alex Theater in Glendale, CA for The Comedy Underground Series Season 2 Taping

White and the show's Producer Carol Ann Shine recently partnered with RLJ Entertainment to produce Season 2 of The Comedy Underground. The series is expected to air this summer on The Urban Movie Channel as an integral part of UMC's Fall Out Fridays comedy campaign.

Comedian, Rip Michals said, "I am happy to be a part of a show like this. It has a crazy line-up, Guy Torry, Rip Michaels, Tony Roberts, Cocoa Brown and more. What more could you ask for," He continued, "'The Comedy Underground' is a show that Jesus himself would even watch. Jesus loves jokes!"

Comedian and actress, Cocoa Brown described comedy has her free therapy.

"Comedy in three words is, 'my free therapy,'" said Brown. She continued, "I save me a lot of money on that couch because I tell all my problems to y'all."

SLE President Angela White shared with THAheadline that she is always in search of new faces to add to the show. If you are an up and rising comedian that thinks you can bring the funny and make people cry laughing, then, be sure to contact Silver Lining Entertainment (“SLE”) at

SLE is an independent production company based in Los Angeles, California looking for fresh faces to bring in the funny. In your email, be sure to include your reel, resume, photo and key information about yourself.

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