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Bounce TV's Ed Gordon Features Hollywood's Best

Tune into the star-studded Ed Gordon special on Monday, July 17 at 10:00 p.m. (ET) on Bounce TV. Monday's show will feature light topics that feature him speaking with some of the elites of Black Hollywood.

Gordon states, "When you think about what people tend to watch in the summer, it is a much, much lighter fare. We will be going heavy in September. Throughout the years, I have been known for celebrity interviews--Whether it be news makers, or the lighter celebrity movie stars, singers. I try to put my stamp on it just to make sure I am not saying, 'Oh, what's your new album or what's your new movie?' We talk about that person's life."

In the hour long and celebrity-driven Ed Gordon special, the award-winning journalist interviews the stars of the upcoming summer comedy Girls Trip, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, Regina Hall and Tiffany Haddish, who discuss their careers and reflect on the contributions of black women in Hollywood today. Gordon explains Tiffany Haddish and the idea of her very troubled childhood and whether some of the comedy that we see her do is coming from a place of pain.

Gordon profiles Super Bowl champion-turned broadcaster Michael Strahan and the very busy television talent discusses his life, his controversial departure from Live with Kelly and Michael and more. The interview gives viewers a real insight into who he is.

Omari Hardwick talks with Gordon about his hit series Power, the relationship with his wife and the controversy they faced because of their inter-racial marriage. Hardwick discussed how he handled fame in the social media era.

Gordon also sits with Cedric the Entertainer and D.L. Hughley who, among other things, discuss the state of comedy in the age of President Donald Trump and the pros and cons of utilizing material based on the activities of the current administration.

Gordon shared the line-up of what to expect throughout the season.

Gordon stated, "As many of you know, I try to do more than just sit down and talk about people's latest projects. I always try to get something a little deeper, something a little more personal with the interviews we do." Gordon continues, "In the upcoming September edition, we are going to do a profile on Congresswoman Maxine Waters from California. She has been on the floor fighting Donald Trump." He continued, "We are going to do a sit down with Steve Harvey, Yara Shahidi, and Grammy winner, Gregory Porter. We are going to take a real close look at Flint, why they are still going through a water crisis after two plus years. In December, we are very proud to do an hour special called, 'Am I Black Enough For You?' It is taking a look at the definition of what is Black and who defines it, who gives you your Black card, why we are still having issues amongst ourselves and skin color and all of these things. It will be an in-depth look at who defines Black."

With Ed Gordon being in the game for 25 years, has had the opportunity to interview some of our most controversial figures of the 20th and 21st Centuries. THAheadline, asked Gordon about a 1994 interview he had with the late Tupac Shakur. "When I sat with him, he was at the height of his popularity. I didn't view it any differently as I think in the case of many who die young. Your legend grows, but I was a fan of his, an admirer. I thought he was a bright kid. Too often, we kind of throw the word genius around or icon around. I have heard a lot of people call other rappers an icon, or he's genius, and I think--I don't know, but I was very impressed with Tupac on many levels. If you go back and listen to some of the things he talked about in our interview, they still resonant today. He was a bright thinking young man, and I don't want to say we became friends, we weren't friends per say, but he saw something in me and would call me periodically. His mom,(God rest her soul) on a radio program I did on NCR some years back, thanked me for taking time with him because he was looking for a male role models who were a little older, and he connected with me, and I talked to him probably about a week or two before his death. I think we missed greatness in his tragic end, but that's the way life plays itself out sometimes."

Gordon serves as executive producer and the host of the Bounce original primetime news magazine series Ed Gordon, which features interviews investigative pieces, current event segments and human-interest feature stories and more.

Check out the trailer of what to expect on this season of Ed Gordon:

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