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It's A Real Sisterhood with the Ladies of "Sister Circle"

"Sister Circle," is the diverse and groundbreaking live, daily talk show from TEGNA Inc. (NYSE: TGNA) and TV One. A panel of four female hosts the show - Quad Webb-Lunceford (Married To Medicine), Syleena Johnson (R&B Divas), TV host, sports reporter and radio show host Rashan Ali and stand-up comedian Kiana Dancie - airs weekdays from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. ET on TV One. The daytime talk show is a part of TVOne's daytime programming block and also airs in 12 TEGNA markets. "Sister Circle" is produced out of TEGNA's WATL in Atlanta and reaches 60 percent of U.S. television household.

"Sister Circle" is known to empower and inspire African-American women and includes news and insights on relationships, parenting, fitness, personal finances, the latest trends and the joys and frustrations of everyday life, all from the compelling, humorous and sincere perspective of the show's hosts.

In a recent Telemedia conference, we at THAheadline had the opportunity to speak with the four ladies and Executive Producer, Helen Swenson. They each discussed the plight to remain relative in the saturated talk show market. The daily morning show's primary focus is to inspire, educate and entertain all people from a Black woman’s point of view.

On the call, Swenson said, "What makes the show so amazing is the chemistry between all four women," She added that the show is transparent and that they truly connect with one another, a bond that she credits as the “secret sauce” to the show's success.

During the conference, Quad who comes from the world of reality TV shared the difference between a world filled with drama and a positive one.

“Sister Circle is the complete opposite of Married to Medicine as it allows me to show who I am, in my totality. I am grateful for having the opportunity with Married to Medicine, but those reality shows are predicated on drama, controversy and how you are going to respond in a challenging environment. What I love about Sister Circle is that I can be my openly loving self," said Quad. She continued, “What I do know here, is that no one has anything to gain but to put positivity back into the world and to uplift our race.”

Rashan Ali, who is no stranger to the TV host world, shared what makes Sister Circle so unique.

“We can all be who we truly are. I am uniquely me, Quad is uniquely Quad, Syleena is uniquely Syleena and Kiana Is uniquely Kiana; and that is what makes Sister Circle so special and different. I can get up and do what I need to do, moderate, tell the story and also have that equal love and respect for my sisters. That is what people need to see. This is not a united front, we are united," said Ali

All in all, unlike many daytime talk shows, the rightly named talk show, "Sister Circle" is an unbreakable sisterhood and hosts with beautiful, kind and uplifting spirits.

Be sure to tune in to "Sister Circle" on weekdays at 12 p.m./11 a.m. (C) only on TV One. Also, check out their YouTube channel to stay in THA know with the hottest clips and juiciest interviews.

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