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Lex Scott Davis and Trevor Jackson in SUPERFLY.

Director X, director of legendary music videos (Drake, Rihanna), has introduced the 1972 blaxploitation film, SuperFly to a new generation of moviegoers. Only this time, the film has re-defined an old movie for a new generation. Superfly (2018), the film that has created a genre of its own, brings to life new characters, look, sound, and feel – The screenplay is by Alex Tse.

Columbia Pictures presents a Silver Pictures production, Superfly. The cast includes Trevor Jackson (Grown-ish), Jason Mitchell (Straight Outta Compton), Lex Scott Davis (First Purge) and Jennifer Morrison (Once Upon A Time).

Superfly is a touchstone film in Black film history. Director X was inspired to put his very own spin on that story. "As we look back now, these are really the first films in which Black characters were independent, powerful, and had a modicum of control over their own lives. I think most people see the Priest character as a proud Black man taking charge of his own life and owning his choices in a powerful way. With this film, I am honoring the lineage of an iconic title that community has been in love with for over 40 years. I want to honor it in a way that shows a new generation how Black culture continues to be a catalyst for new trends in every area, from fashion to music."

Superfly was fantastic! It was an ETHNIC Scarface. So many layers. There was intensity. Simply, great. Trevor's performance was believable. He made viewers believe his "badass" demeanor. He added the modern day swagger.

The movie overall was excellent from start to finish. From the music to the way the character's dressed, to the videography, it receives an A in our book.

The film will be released in theaters nationwide on June 13, 2018.

Be sure to watch the trailer down below and check out our exclusive interviews with Director X and Trevor Jackson up top.

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