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California Congresswoman Karen Bass To Honor Nipsey Hussle From The House Floor

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

On Wednesday the California Rep. tweeted that next week Nipsey Hussle’s contributions to South Los Angeles will be a part of United States history forever.


Photo by Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

While the hip hop community continues to grieve over the senseless shooting death of rapper and community activist Nipsey Hussle, Congresswoman Karen Bass is ensuring that his contributions to his South Los Angeles neighborhood are never forgotten. Next week, the Democratic Rep. from California is expected to take the house floor to enter Hussle’s legacy into U.S. record.

“I will be heading to the House Floor next week to formally enter Nipsey Hussle’s contributions to South Los Angeles into the Congressional Record where it will be a part of United States history forever,” Bass tweeted on Wednesday.

Bass represents the California district where the young father, partner, and business owner was killed. On Thursday, she told CNN, “He was an inspiration for the community—the way he dreamed about transforming the lives of the same people he grew up with and grew up around in Crenshaw—and it deserves to be recognized.”

The Congressional Black Caucus chair also added that, “Nipsey Hussle is going to be remembered by the community as someone who selflessly gave back and invested and enriched and cared,” noting the 33-year-old “was always pushing for economic empowerment and entrepreneurship.”

Hussle, who was equally known for his musical prowess and civic-minded acts, was working to help end gang violence, as well as bring fiscal opportunities to the community that raised him. On Sunday, following his death, Bass released a statement saying Hussle’s “legacy will live on in all of those who continue to uplift, those who continue to inspire, and those who continue to lift as they climb.”

The suspect in the Grammy-nominated artist’s death, was apprehended by police on Tuesday.

Story by: Tanya A. Christian (Essence)



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