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CREED III Dreamville/Interscope Recreational Therapy Day

Updated: Feb 4

Members of the community that attended Recreational Day
Photo by: Walter W. Brady

In celebration of the CREED III soundtrack and the film's upcoming release, on February 26, Interscope and Dreamville hosted a Recreational Therapy Day at the Los Angeles Expo Center that consisted of yoga, basketball, and boxing!

THAheadline had the privilege of attending the event and spoke with Product Manager, Interscope, Krystal Allen, about the overall goal of putting the Recreational Therapy Day together. "The goal of the event is for individuals to walk away with tools to relieve stress, to deal with their emotional trauma, and to process their emotions," said Allen. She continued, "In the CREED III film, there are several themes, including emotional trauma, the dealings of incarceration, survivor's guilt, and also just growing up in the system in Los Angeles. With the soundtrack release, Dreamville and Interscope wanted to get together with MGM and do something for the community."

The story in the film was brought to life by Interscope and Dreamville as they partnered with local organizations with youths and families impacted by all of the themes surrounding CREED III. Throughout the day, they provided recreational therapy: breathwork/yoga, basketball, and boxing. Those who attended were able to partake in one or all three activities. Amid it all, they had several giveaways, including t-shirts, fitness passes, complementary therapy, and Dreamville Fest tickets. In addition, a few Dreamville artists attended, participated, and helped impact their community.

Check out the video mash-up of the event below, and be sure to see CREED III in theaters Friday, March 3.


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