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Know Thyself Divine Woman: Empowering Women Event

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Attend the Know Thyself Divine Woman Event October 14th

Know Thyself Divine Woman is a forthcoming event that aims to empower women through career advancement resources, personal development tactics, and community connections. Its goal is to provide women with the necessary tools for success, increase brand visibility for women-owned businesses, and foster a supportive network. We were fortunate enough to interview Destini Perkins, the event's founder, and gain insight into her vision.

Destini Perkins, the inspirational force behind Know Thyself Divine Woman, hails from Oceanside, California, and currently holds the title of Miss Black Global 2023. She uses her platform to inspire young girls, promote self-confidence, and encourage self-advocacy. As a Creative Director, virtual assistant, public speaker, model, actor, and UGC creator, Destini's diverse talents and experiences inform her work in organizing inspiring events and styling impactful photoshoots.

Ultimately, the mission of Know Thyself Divine Woman is to create an environment of women empowerment by uniting women from various industries and providing them with personal development resources. Destini's profound commitment to community engagement has garnered recognition from the California State Legislature, local city councils, and members of Congress. Her involvement in organizations such as the NAACP Youth & College Division and the San Diego Black Chamber of Commerce Youth Committee further exemplifies her dedication to empowering young women.

Know Thyself Divine Woman promises to be an event that uplifts, inspires, and equips women with the tools necessary for personal and professional growth. Through career advancement resources, increased brand visibility, and a supportive network, women attending the event will leave feeling empowered to thrive in their chosen endeavors.

To gain further insight into the event and Destini, please take a moment to read our exclusive interview with her, provided below:

1. What inspired you to create this event and focus on empowering women? Destini: In May of 2023, I was accepted into a young adult program called Emerging Leaders for Liberation, and it made me question what were some social issues going on in the world. Through social media and current social interactions, it was brought to my attention an urgent need for women to unite and collaborate. I know that when women heal and become confident, we can tap into our gifts and achieve so much! This is the reason why I created, Know Thyself, Divine Woman! 2. How do you envision this event contributing to women's career advancement?

Destini: A few of the resources that will contribute to career advancement are our local nonprofits that provide scholarships for undergrad and post-grad students, nonprofit organizations looking for interns, those in search of a job have the chance to connect with women-owned businesses, and my organization: Woman of Substance will have a table where you can bring your résumé to receive feedback for improvement and answer related questions. Attendees will also learn tangible skills such as in-person and digital networking, goal setting, utilizing your creativity, and other skills during the workshops to assist them in the workforce! 3. How do you envision the event helping women increase their brand visibility and connect with mentorship opportunities? Destini: Through the various vendors throughout California and across the country, I see brands generating more leads and increasing brand visibility through having their products featured in the goodie bags, hosting a vendor table, having their products noticed by various age groups across many cities during the event and being featured on our social media! We are currently partnered with local nonprofits that host mentorship opportunities. However, Woman of Substance also plans to launch a mentorship program in the near future! 4. How has your experience as Miss Black Global 2023 influenced your work in empowering young girls and advocating for yourself?

Destini: I truly believe in the power of the platform. Holding the title of Miss Black Global 2023 is a social responsibility, and this platform reminds me that older women are leading by example for the younger generation. Through pageantry, I attend many events meeting young girls and hear their dreams and aspirations. These experiences have led me to create spaces for the younger girls to feel seen and supported! I make it a priority to empower them and for them to take their ideas and bring them to life! 5. Could you elaborate on how the advocacy training component will benefit attendees?

Destini: Training on the skillset for advocacy will be covered during the, Designing Your Life workshop. Advocacy is critical in pertaining to achieving your goals. I strongly believe nobody will advocate for you more than you can advocate for yourself. In other words, no one is going to want something for you the way you desire something for yourself! Wasted potential happens when we truly want something but don't know how to ask for help or where to ask for help. This workshop will go over those barriers and create a new skillset or amplify the skillset of advocacy for self-sufficient women! 6. How do you believe mentorship can impact women's lives attending the event?

Destini: Growing up, we had a coach for learning a new sport, training for learning how to drive a car, and a teacher for learning new subjects. Mentorship works in the exact same way toward personal development. Having an individual in your corner who has gone through a similar journey can put you in spaces and provide you with opportunities that you may not get on your own. Having a mentor is highly impactful to lead you closer to your goals! 7. As the founder of this event, what do you hope attendees will take away from their experience? How do you measure success?

Destini: My intention is that women truly feel loved and empowered through the various aspects of the event. The idea they have had in their mind for the past few months now feels achievable for them, that they've connected with an individual who can help them get closer to a goal, that those women who've felt lonely and isolated now have access to a community. The overall goal is for attendees to feel inspired, honored to be a woman, and go forth to create!

Event Details:

Date: October 14, 2023

Time: 8 am - 6 pm

Location: Mira Costa Learning Center

Address: 1831 Mission Ave., Oceanside, CA

Dress Code: Dress to express your divine self!


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