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Norwalk Welcomes Third-Gen Nursing Academy: A Legacy of Healthcare and Education

By Thai Lee (THAheadline)
(L to R) Concilmember Rick Ramirez, Concilmember Ana Valencia, Gwendolyn Gibson-Hunt and Mayor Margarita Rios

Norwalk, CA - In a heartwarming tale of generational dedication to healthcare and education, a mother-daughter duo, Gwendolyn Gibson-Hunt and Adriana Bolden, have established Third-Gen Nursing Academy, a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) school in Norwalk. The academy's grand opening on January 28, 2024, coincided with Adriana's late grandmother's birthday, embodying a legacy of healthcare excellence and family traditions.

To honor her late grandmother, Yvonne Henderson, who devoted her life to helping AIDS patients, the entryway of the Third-Gen Nursing Academy proudly displays individual pictures of Henderson, Gibson-Hunt, and Bolden. Additionally, a framed news article titled 'The Mother Teresa of Long Beach' highlights Henderson's remarkable dedication to caring for those with AIDS. This gesture serves as a poignant tribute to Henderson's legacy and her significant contributions to the healthcare community.

By Thai Lee (THAheadline)
Third-Gen Nursing Academy proudly displays individual pictures of Henderson, Gibson-Hunt, and Bolden

The ribbon-cutting ceremony of Third-Gen Nursing Academy was attended by the mayor of Norwalk, Margarita L. Rios. Mayor Rios felt a deep connection to the academy's mission because she comes from a family of nurses and understands the hard work and dedication that comes with it. The mayor's presence at the event signifies the community's support for Third-Gen Nursing Academy's commitment to excellence in nursing education.

Third-Gen's program is meticulously designed to empower nursing assistant students with comprehensive skills and knowledge. The primary objectives of the academy are to deliver top-notch educational and technical training, ensuring that students not only meet but exceed the rigorous requirements set by the California Department of Public Health. The curriculum encompasses at least 60 hours of engaging classroom instruction and 100 hours of hands-on, supervised clinical training. This approach prepares students for state exams and gives them a deep understanding of safe care practices and the confidence to deliver exceptional healthcare.

By Thai Lee (THAheadline)
Councilmembers of Norwalk, Gwendolyn Gibson-Hunt, Mayor Margarita Rios and family/friends

At Third-Gen Nursing Academy, a wide range of comprehensive healthcare solutions are offered, backed by their expertise. The academy goes beyond "just the certification" and assists students in finding employment opportunities within the healthcare industry upon completing their certification. They also provide networking events, educational sessions, and specialized training in intravenous (IV) therapy techniques and offer refresher classes to ensure students maintain up-to-date skills in this area.

The establishment of the Third-Gen Nursing Academy signifies a new chapter in the Norwalk community, offering a foundation for future healthcare professionals and embodying a commitment to excellence in nursing education. For more information about Third-Gen Nursing Academy, visit

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