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The Creator: A Captivating Sci-Fi Masterpiece Examining Humanity and AI

The Creator Movie

The Creator film is of its time as we increasingly make artificial intelligence (AI) a part of our lives and pinpoint people's fundamental concerns regarding such technology. This film touched on government, technology, and humanitarianism. The Creator gave the audience something to consider when continuing into this future with AI that is quickly developing. The film warns not to let history repeat itself in human history; however, it justifies both sides of the argument about including AI in our future. Some think it is necessary and will further human existence; others feel they will take job opportunities and could harm the human race/ evolution, and some think they are only helpful as military weapons. We see these different perspectives in the movie.

The movie discusses whether people should treat AI humanely, and many people from all walks have varying opinions that are very intriguing to see within the film. This Science Fiction film was an amazingly put-together production and should be watched by all people thinking about humanity’s future. This movie will have you confronting your biases about the future and genuinely holding a mirror up to your face to reexamine the entirety of the situation at hand.

The cinematography and storytelling had me captivated. I felt like I was back when I was younger, watching Star Wars, Star Trek, or Lost in Space. I expected no less from the director of Rogue One, Gareth Edwards. The setup and shots were very similar, separated into parts and filled with action-packed scenes. The world-building within this film is outstanding. This was done by having many distinct locations with different aesthetics. However, it was not all vastly different, and it emphasized how impoverished the people and AI are now that the government is again at war. While many similarities can be drawn to our lives from this film, some attributes have been mostly untouched. What felt different about this film is how in touch it was with the human heart, good and bad. This film had many plot twists, character development moments, and tear-jerkers, making it incredibly entertaining. There is a character to relate to for everyone; for me, it was Joshua. The main character must struggle with what he has been trained to think but what his heart desires. His rocky history with the “AI uprising” clouds his true feelings regarding AI rights. Seeing his character development was very eye-opening for me. Again, this character was honest in his humanity, good and bad, but still showed people what it means to be human. This film's messages were all beautiful and complex but still very relatable because that is how human life is.

There were a lot of moments with subliminal messages to history, such as the protesting and other topics such as brainwashing. The inclusion of many Buddhist themes and beliefs was of great interest. Buddhism was the religion pulled from AI’s self-defense against the U.S. human government. These Buddhist teachings were the foundation of how A.I. thought. They did not need violence, and they primarily used self-defense methods. However, there was still the Christ archetype in the sacrificing of Alpha. These points give the audience something to relate to, making it easier to process the film. These points also give the audience much to think about after the film, giving it that required buzz.

The Creator is a must-see for those who enjoy Science Fiction and Gareth Edwards's work. It will leave you with a warm feeling, empathetic perception, and a wanting mind. Along with the great world and story building, there was an excellent soundtrack with many memorable songs that appeared during a few critical scenes. This film became a classic as soon as it ended, and I look forward to watching it again.

THAheadline Score (THAscore): 8.5/10

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