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THAheadline Highlights: Stabe Wilson

Saxophonist, Stabe Wilson

THAheadline Highlight of the week goes to Stabe Wilson, a well-respected saxophonist hailing from the Bay Area.

With a vast and eclectic sound, Wilson has been playing the saxophone since he was a young boy growing up in Oakland, California.

Stabe’s sound is so unique that to put it in a box would be absolutely ludicrous. He is not limited to just one sound, and he will tell you that he is not into labels. If labeling is your ‘thing’, he is known for delivering every musical genre from gospel to jazz, to soul and R&B. Stabe’s vast list of musical influences can best be described as versatile.

Stabe has had the rare opportunity to make appearances with some of the world’s most renowned recording artists such as, Kirk Franklin, Will Downing, Lalah Hathaway and Eric Benet just to name a few. Stabe has also acted as music director for neo-soul artists Eric Roberson and Frank McComb.

Like many great artist, Stabe took the leap of faith to record his own music and considers the decision to be “rewarding.”

“Making my own music has been very rewarding. You cannot design a hit record, you can anticipate and record one, but there is no way you can say, ‘this is going to be a hit record’, you just don’t do that. I just wanted to be successful, I just wanted to put music out, and the bug is busy now,” said Wilson.

In addition to his solo work, Stabe also serves as the leader of the Stabe Wilson Band. The Stabe Wilson Band has made multiple appearances at Oakland’s Art & Soul Festival, City of Oakland Sunday in the Redwoods Concert Series and the KBLX Stone Soul Concert. The band’s style of jazz, blues and neo soul funk has made them the “go-to” band for events hosted by the California Association of Black Lawyers, Kaiser Permanente, Oakland Police Department, City of Oakland and various wineries and festivals throughout and outside of California.

Currently, Stabe is working heavily in the studio and for your listening pleasure, come mid-June, he will release new music produced by Edwin Hawkins.

If you love live music and uptown jazz, you can find Stabe Wilson doing what he does best at a South Bay CD Release Party being held at ANGELICAS in Redwood City, CA on Friday, May 20. Also performing will be bass guitarist, Tony Saunders and singer, Margo LeDuc. The flyer can be found below.

Whether he is performing solo, as leader of the Stabe Wilson Band or backing up established recording artists, one thing for sure is, his sound is soul-stirring and you will be moved while Stabe Wilson is in command of his saxophone.

To stay up to date with Stabe Wilson and to find out where he will perform next, make sure you check out his fan page, ‘Stabe Wilson’ or visit his website,

Southbay CD Release Party ft. Stabe Wilson

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